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Messiah is currently only available on Amazon and is free to borrow on Kindle Unlimited.  

André's abilities have always marked him as special, but fulfilling an ancient prophecy is enough to have him ostracized into the cosmos. Love was his motivation for attempting to prevent his parent's execution, now in Earth's refuge, love is his undoing again.


The Commander's daughter is off limits, but this kind of love is destiny, forcing Katrina and her alien paramour to elope.


Word of André's survival reaches his home planet when his image is broadcast across the universe. This time, his very existence may well trigger the destruction of a planet, his haven, Earth. 











On an early September day in 1979, Jamie Wilson hobbles down the sidewalk on crutches, her broken leg aching. As the school bus rumbles past, some jerk yells “Faker!” out the window.

Jamie flips the bird in response.

Big mistake. She pissed off the wrong egomaniac, and this bully rules the school.

High school becomes a daily nightmare when her tormentors wage psychological warfare, starting with a physical attack in the hallway meant to terrorize. With only a three-day suspension and the threat of expulsion as punishment for any further physical attacks, the bitch squad change tactics, relentlessly lobbing verbal hand grenades at every opportunity.

Words are powerful weapons, especially when the school offers no protection against verbal assault. Suffering in silence is Jamie’s only choice if she doesn't want to end up in ICU.

But silence can become an equally dangerous agent of self-destruction.