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All Six books in the The Ryan Chronicles series now available in an audio book set!                









Book 1 (Formerly titled Saving Grace)


 Angel Grace

The Ryan Chronicles - Book One

formerly titled Saving Grace 



When CJ Ryan's girlfriend decides life is less complicated without him, CJ travels a destructive path into despair, walking the line between what's right and what feels good. But what feels good is a dangerous slope to travel, especially when Lucifer wages war for his soul.


One wrong step and CJ could fall into the devil's trap, becoming no better than the demons he battles.








Book 2 (Formerly titled Raven Heart)


Angel Heart

The Ryan Chronicles - Book Two

formerly titled Raven Heart


CJ Ryan still can't remember a thing about his past, but he is determined to have a future with Valerie. Despite his lack of memory, he finds himself ensnared in the cutthroat world of entertainment whether he wants it or not. The push into the spotlight shines a harsh glare on his family and brings with it a plague of horrors that drag him to the edge.

With the darkness of the past threatening, CJ turns to his brother looking for answers, but when an enemy with a psychotic history re-enters their lives, it will take more than just his memory to save them. 








Book 3 (Formerly titled Trinity's Wrath)

 Angel Wrath

The Ryan Chronicles - Book Three

 formerly titled Trinity's Wrath


CJ Ryan's life seems to have fallen into place, and while the backdrop of his Hawaiian honeymoon provides the perfect healing elixir, the guilt of sentencing his father to an eternity of torture at Lucifer's hands starts to intrude on his happily-ever-after.

 When he and Valerie return from Hawaii, a note from the king of hell greets him, outlining in sickening detail his plans for CJ and those he holds dearest.

 With everyone he loves on Lucifer's hit list, CJ must start living up to the bargain he made in Heaven, but every one of Hell's gates he closes is one less portal available for his father's escape. 







Book 4

Angel Blood

The Ryan Chronicles - Book Four


Someone is murdering people, draining them dry, and the police suspect it may be a vampire. When the captain of the York police department turns to Tom Ryan and his paranormal investigation agency for help, Tom takes one look at the crime scene photos and knows the killer isn’t a blood sucker.


Tom and his business partner compare the murders with a list of angel descendants and a chilling pattern is confirmed. Angel bloodlines are being extinguished, and there are only a handful left between the killer’s hunting ground and their family in York.


They must stop the assassin before he can cross off any more names on his hit list.





Book 5

 Angel Fire

The Ryan Chronicles - Book Five

In the aftermath of his wife's death, Tom Ryan cannot breathe when his three-year-old daughter, Hannah, is out of his sight. His over protectiveness falls into the realm of paranoia, born from the fear that Lucifer is not done with him yet.
When that same apprehension manifests in his daughter, he realizes he needs to deal with his issues before his terror poisons Hannah’s innocence. Just when he manages to get a grip on his separation anxiety, his worst nightmare comes to fruition.
Desperate to save Hannah from the devil's grip, Tom will do just about anything to get her back, even if it means the ultimate act of betrayal.

Book 6

Angel Fury

The Ryan Chronicles - Book Six

Duty is a double-edged sword. It means putting yourself last, ripping you away from everyone you love while you complete an unreasonable quest just to keep them safe.
Tom Ryan left York. He left everything he loves to safeguard the last angel descendants.
Now he's back, still damned, still persecuted. Prophecy says York will burn, and everyone left who matters to Tom is in York. With no time to catch up and reconnect, Tom is thrust into a battle he's destined to lose.
There are only so many ways you can break a man before his wrath changes the status quo.
Rekindled by family, by love, by home and memories, the ruthless son of Ty Ryan steps into the shoes left under the family tree by his dad, and this time he's out of mercy.